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Mitoxantrone plus FCR — British Version

Date: August 18, 2005

by Chaya Venkat

A Comparison of the U. K. and M. D. Anderson Protocols

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monarch Leeds Hospital

Several readers have written to us in the last few days, requesting a comparison of the FCR+M clinical trial at M. D. Anderson (see our review of this trial at Mitoxantrone to Turbocharge FCR Combo? and More on Mitoxantrone plus FCR) with the trial announced earlier the U.K., using the same four drug combination. Don’t let the alphabet soup get to you, FCR+M is the same as FCM+R. To recap, the four drugs are fludarabine (F), cyclophosphamide (C), Rituxan (R) and mitoxantrone (M).

Since we have reviewed the rationale for this drug combination in our earlier articles, we will not cover that ground again. In this update we will describe the design of the U. K. trial, with a few comments on how it seems to differ from the M. D. Anderson approach. Drs. Peter Hillmen and Andy Rawstron are both involved in this U.K. trial. Our information is based on Patient Information Sheet dated October 2004. Please bring it to our attention if there are later versions of this information sheet, especially if the later versions differ substantially from the details below.

The U.K. Trial Design




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